Amaranthine (PREMIERE)

04/05/17 – New York, NY – Amaranthine (violin, cello and piano)
PREMIERE – Hunter College, Lang Recital Hall – Longleash Trio

Program Note:
Amaranthine was written during the Winter and Spring of 2017. There are two performance versions, one for piano trio premiered by the Longleash trio, and another for piano trio + flute, clarinet, harp and french horn commissioned and premiered by NAT 28. I would like to thank my good friends Jean-Patrick Besingrand and Zoe Sorrell of Nat 28 for commissioning this piece.

1. An imaginary, undying flower.
2. Unfading, everlasting: a woman of amaranthine loveliness.

As I row over the plain
Of the sea and gaze
Into the distance, the waves
Merge with the bright sky

As certain as color
Passes from the petal,
Irrevocable as flesh,
The gazing eye falls through the world

Haiku – Fujiwara no Tadamichi (trans. Kenneth Rexroth)
Phoenix and the Tortoise (fragment) – Kenneth Rexroth


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