. Composition (works)

Resume – Composition Works List – Harpsichord Repertoire – Performances

For information regarding scores, parts, arrangements, etc. please contact: peterremark47@gmail.com

works in progress

Walts [20′]

2 sopranos, 2 pianos and 2 cellos (dedicated to Emily McQueen)

Prayer [15′]

orchestra (dedicated to Lewis Nielson)

3(picc)-2(eh)-2(bcl)-2(cbn), 4-2-3-1, timp+2, hp, pno, strings

de fortune [12′]

piano quartet (for the Desdemona Piano Quartet)

Fantasiestucke [15′]

piano solo (for Jihye Chang)


Remède [10′]

piano solo

Schein [3′]

violin and piano miniature (dedicated to Sarah Watts)       Score

Tenere [3′]

flute solo (for Brian Allred)

Long was I away [5′]

piano four hands       Score

Pietà [18′]

piano trio (for Longleash)       Score

Amaranthine [6′]

piano trio and optional quartet (dedicated to NAT 28 and Longleash)       Score | Video


The Panther [8′]

violin and bassoon (for William Overcash and Benjamin Roidl-Ward)      Score

…all is calm [7′]

sop. saxophone, trumpet (picc. tpt), viola, cello, percussion and piano

(for Ensemble Contemporaneous)       Score

Horror Vacui [14′]

flute, clarinet, violin, cello and piano (for the Nouveau Classical Project)       Score

Returning [25′]

violin and piano (for Seohee Min)       Score | Listen

an die musik [6′]

soprano, piano, percussion and fixed media (Rilke, trans. Diana Toman)       Score

Not Sorrow [25′]

piano solo (dedicated to Imri Talgam)       Score


Caccia [5′]

flute and bassoon (for Hannah Hammel and Benjamin Roidl-Ward)      Score | Listen | Video

Recitation Tomb [6′]

3 baritones and 2 percussionists (for Ensemble C4)      Score | Listen | Video

“Come Forth” [8′]

clarinet solo (for Zachary Good)      Score

Sonatina “adieu” [2′]

violin and piano (dedicated to Shuyi Guan)     Score | Listen

Quiloquay [6′]

cello and piano (dedicated to Damian Kramer)      Score

…ist ganz verderbt [8′]

chorale variations for clarinet, bassoon and piano (for Zachary Good and Benjamin Roidl-Ward)

“Make the conquered and beaten pale…” [3′]

piano solo (for Shihui Yin)     Score | Listen

Quelle [1′]

flute and piano miniature (for Hannah Hammel and Marika Yasuda)      Score

Suite Incerta [10′]

8 piano miniatures (for Kyle Johnson)      Score | Video | Video2

Melos (cycle) [25′]

string quartet *Melos Cycle

Chiamata [1′]

scordatura violin solo + cello drone *Melos Cycle

Mobile [7′]

suite in miniatura for violin solo (for Jimin Shin) *Melos Cycle      score

Deploratio [4′]

violin solo (for Gabriela Diaz) *Melos Cycle      Score | Listen | Video

Lucet Aurora “dawn shines” [10′]

opera in miniatura for violin and viola duet *Melos Cycle      Score

Eolian [8′]

violin solo (for William Overcash) *Melos Cycle      Score | Listen | Video

Soli [2′]

2 violins, viola + cello drone *Melos Cycle


Waxen [8′]

viola, cello, flute and piano (for Carrie Frey, Helen Newby and Semble N)     Score | Listen

fantasia | anonime [13’]

mixed septet      Listen | Video

Acciaccatura [8’]

three harpsichords

(for Jen McPherson, Gabriel Benton and Peter Kramer)      Video

Whither Often Comes [6’]

two flutes and two percussionists (for the Nief-Norf Festival)      Video


On the Unfinished Bridge [13′]

string quartet (for the Chartreuse Quartet)      Listen

Wedge [7′]

three flutes      Score | Listen | Video | Video2

Cantus Fractibilis [7′]

violin and viola duet (for Carrie Frey and William Overcash)      Listen | Video

AMA [6′]

woman’s chorale (for the Oberlin Women’s Chorale)      Score | Listen

What Though That Light [6′]

soprano, piano, and violin(s) (for the NMOP festival)      Score | Listen | Video | Video2

/Hush/ [7′]

piano solo      Score | Listen | Video | Video2

Praeambulum [5′] 

amplified harpsichord solo      Score| Video | Video2

62//@2 [2′]

two performers and one harpsichord (composed with Eastman Presser)      Score | Video

Tastar de Corde “testing the strings” [13′]

four amplified harpsichords and fixed media      Score | Video

Sigil / Sigilla [2’30”] 



Inlays [6′]

piano, clarinet, violin, and cello      Score | Video

Silence of the World of Shades [under construction]

five baroque flutes

Four Songs from a-tonal Past 

for soprano and piano      Score

From the Dark Sky Brightly [5′]


Gioite Vox [4′]


Tress [5′]




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