Hibari and Rabin 川の流れのように


Blitzen y Paco

Hildegard and Jacques

one and only

Their Hearts were Full of Spring…


Boulez and the Violin

Was recently turned on to this piece by fellow Obie and violinist Yuri Popowycz,

Anthemes 2 is a piece for violin and electronics composed by Pierre Boulez the last living composer/conductor of a generation that included Karlheinz Stockhausen, Luigi Nono and so on… These composers studied directly with Olivier Messiaen and took the theories of serial and 12-tone music,  pioneered by Arnold Schoenberg and the Second Viennese School, into the latter half of the 20th century.

I have also attached some videos corresponding to a few of the composers mentioned above. Enjoy! ppp

Messiaen – Quartet for the End of Time

Schoenberg – Pierrot Lunaire

Nono – Canto Sospeso

Americana singing

Wanted to share some vids featuring different Americana vocals. The first video was taken at a sacred harp singing convention, It is part of the shape note tradition and is strictly an a cappella style of performance.

shape note

shape note

Emmylou Harris, Allison Krauss, and Gillian Welch recorded this piece for the movie Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?, always thought it was very nice.

In a similar vain, the Mountain Man sing largely original a cappella music, this group is based out of Vermont. Check out the insane harmonies in their song Sewee Sewee.

Had a couple more to share, I don’t know too much about either group but I was really blown away by their music as well…