House music

Hibari and Rabin 川の流れのように


Blitzen y Paco

Hildegard and Jacques

one and only

Their Hearts were Full of Spring…


Gotta have House

Can’t get over these tracks by Aki Bergen a house musician living in Rome, Italy.


I first discovered house music after seeing those Daft Punk music videos for their album Discovery which were premiered on AdultSwim/CartoonNetwork manymanymany years ago. After hearing Marshall Jefferson’s “move your body” some years later I was hooked… the combination of blues-piano-licks and a steady rhythm are absolutely infectious. It kind of all reminds me of “grinnin in your face” by Son House, with a simple vocal delivery and pulse. It’s funny how Jack White picked up on Son House’s style in videos like this, he talks about his music in numerous interviews; I recommend hearing him talk, he has a lot of interesting ideas about music and performance, but it all comes down to this… for me.