Hibari and Rabin 川の流れのように


Blitzen y Paco

Hildegard and Jacques

one and only

Their Hearts were Full of Spring…


An microtonal Renaissance

Nicola Vicentino was an influential composer and music theorist active during the renaissance, he was particularly interested in alternative tuning systems and the chromatic possibilities they brought about. Check out this video of a reconstruction of his archicembalo, a keyboard instrument he designed to play his tuning system.

Nicola Vicentino

Nicola Vicentino

Vincentino taught the composer Luzzasco Luzzaschi, who became a virtuoso on the archicembalo. Luzzaschi went on to teach Frescobaldi and the lesser known composer Gesualdo, the latter of which wrote particularly chromatic music compared to his contemporaries. The documentary Death for Five Voices, by Werner Herzog, is a really interesting account of Gesualdo’s tortured life, he killed his wife and her lover after finding them together in bed, and later killed their child by starvation. His music reflects his chaotic life for sure, check out Moro Lasso from his last complete book of madrigals; this is by far one of his most dissonant and chromatically interesting pieces in my opinion.

Carlo Gesualdo

Carlo Gesualdo

Lastly I wanted to add some contemporary music by the composer Julian Carrillo, who also worked with different tuning systems. I have only recently been turned on to his music, but from what I’ve heard I’m very impressed!